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“It takes courage to stand up and become who you really are.”

Hide that part of you. Tamper it down. Keep it in. Don’t say the wrong thing. Don’t upset anyone. Ignore it. Get over it. Just forget about it…… Are you sick of trying to please others? How many times have you beaten yourself down because you’re trying not to step on any toes? News flash, we as humans, try to fit into a box that we were never made to fit into. It takes courage to stand up and say ENOUGH. It takes courage to be who you really are. It’s time to rise, speak up, be you, share you story and live your life with Courage Unchained.


Hey Everyone! It has once again been awhile since posting here on Courage Unchained & I hope everyone is doing well! Things have been busy on our end. Hope everyone is making it through this insane allergy season alright, the pollen this year has been crazy. This year, we’ve found ourselves knee-deep in learning what lifeContinue reading “Victorious”


Hello Everyone and Welcome Back to Courage Unchained! Hope you all are doing well since the new year started & are staying safe in all this crazy weather! Around four weeks ago now we had a fairly nice little snowstorm come through Western NC that gave us roughly ten inches of snow on top ofContinue reading “Crossroads”

365 Blank Pages

Hello All and Welcome! I hope everyone had a joyful, peaceful and blessed holiday season this year! I know we did, even though it seemed like it went by in a hurry. Thanksgiving was simple but was a wonderful and relaxing day. Now for Christmas, we went all out. For us, this year felt moreContinue reading “365 Blank Pages”


Hello Everyone! I hope each one reading this is doing well! I’m sitting in my living room working on this post after visiting one of my favorite places on this earth last week, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. It has been a busy few weeks but the vacation was wonderful! We went to celebrate oneContinue reading “Speechless”

Know Your Worth

Hello again everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! So glad to have you back again for another post. This post may have a generic title, but I hope you take the time to read this one. For a long time, I didn’t know my worth. My parents are the best I couldContinue reading “Know Your Worth”

Determined to Rise

Hello All! I hope everyone is having a beautiful day & hope you all aren’t suffering too bad with the time change this past weekend! Thank you for stopping by once again to read another post! If you read my last post “I am you” you now know my story. One of my best friendsContinue reading “Determined to Rise”


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