Hello and Welcome!

Hello Everyone! If you’re reading this, well I have to say “Thank you!” for taking an interest in what I am writing and what this blog is about.

My name is Katie. I’m twenty-two and live in the beautiful blue ridge mountains of North Carolina with my amazing husband of three years. I’m an avid reader, lover of the outdoors, fitness fanatic, music enthusiast, lawn care and landscaping professional, writer and wife. For awhile now, I’ve toyed with the idea of writing this blog. This year, this insane & hectic year, has brought so much to a head. Now, I will no longer stay silent.

As I said, I’ve thought about writing for a long time but always thought I was inadequate, after all, I’m just one person. What could I write about? Would anyone relate? And so much more. Something clicked, with everything going on in the year 2020, every blow it has brought has moved me closer and closer to this point. I have a voice & I was given one for a purpose. After all, we are all here for such a time as this.

I choose the name Courage Unchained for my blog because it’s taken me a long time to gather the courage to write this blog. It has taken me a long time to see that you have a story for a reason. This year has made me realize more than ever that I don’t just want to exist. At this point in my life, I no longer care what anyone says or thinks. Love me or leave me. I don’t care what the haters have to say about me. I have unchained myself from the bounds of others propaganda. I choose to live a life with my Courage Unchained.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not the only one dealing with things. You’re not the only one that has dealt or is dealing with sorrow, depression, narcissists, self worth insecurities, self righteous individuals and so much more. I look forward to “talking” with you more on any and all topics. To sharing with you all, not for my sake, but so you know that you’re not alone. Until next time….


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