A New Year, A New Chapter

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas & that it was one full of love, laughter, and celebration of the birth of our Savior. Such a beautiful & wonderful time of the year, it’s always sad to see it end for another season.  Now, we are rushing headlong into a new year, 2021. 

2020 was everything but easy. I think that statement is true for most everyone this year. It was supposed to be the year of so many fun and new things. After all, we were headed back into the 20s, which was bound to be a blast. Not too far into the year, we were quickly proven wrong there. March alone felt like it was eighty-seven days long, a laughable statement but one I feel like we all relate to. I’m going to be very honest, I thought my relationship with certain people was going to work out. Parties were planned that my husband and I wanted to throw to celebrate the beginning of the 20s, places we wanted to travel and so much more. My image of 2020 was vastly different than its reality. 

Instead, relationships not only fell apart but they burned as well. Not at all what I wanted or expected. All because of backbiting, dishonest humans. It hurt, on so many levels to be so easily put aside because I wouldn’t accept their terms. Truthfully, I miss some of the ones that didn’t and don’t have the mental foresight to cast out the lies. But, would I disrespect myself by cowering down to others’ “rules of engagement”? No way on this planet. Some people are toxic & always will be. Not always an easy thing to accept, but it’s the truth. 

Everything was shut down, nobody went anywhere for weeks on end. Not an easy thing for someone who loves social interaction. Any thought about parties became non-existent. Travel was restricted. Friends lost friends to the nightmare of suicide. Family struggled with health problems. We made yet another huge move from one state to another because we felt an urging to leave and the list goes on. It starts to shake a person, one of those people being myself.

I’ll be honest, I felt so much this year. Paralyzing anxiety. Anger. Fear. Confusion. Depression. Overwhelming relief.  I fought so much this year, we all had to fight battles this year. We all fall down, it’s how we rise and overcome afterward is what counts. 2020 became the year of finding hope, happiness, and joy in the smallest of things. Perhaps that was part of the reason behind the year, to make us appreciate & realize that the only things that truly matter are not what we would think. I’ll never completely understand why this year went the way it did but I know I’ve learned a lot amidst the trials. I’ve become stronger, started speaking up instead of remaining quiet & discovered more about myself. I’ve concluded that not every response from another person requires my energy in return. I’ve learned that the simple things in life, are the ONLY things that matter. Nothing else does. 

I’m eager to release the year 2020 & look forward to better things. Lord only knows what 2021 will bring, but I pray it’s a year far, far better than this one was for us all. It’s time to turn the page & start a new chapter. I look forward to sharing the journey with you all.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Until next time……


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