The Gift of Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone & Welcome Back to Courage Unchained!

I have been working on a couple of different posts to share with you all but since we’re getting ready to come up on Thanksgiving, I wanted to go ahead and share this one first! It’s been awhile & it feels so good to be typing again, I hope each of y’all are all doing well! Things have changed a bit since I last sat down to “talk” with you all. This year has, so far, been much better than last and I thank the Lord for that. 

Since earlier this year, we’ve gone on several adventures to both new areas we’ve never visited and a couple of places we’ve been before. My beautiful cousin became engaged this summer and got married early this month. We had another lawn care season go by and my amazing husband and I celebrated four years of marriage as of a couple of months ago. We have officially, after four seasons, decided to suspend our lawn care business indefinitely. We decided that it was time for us to both pursue some other dreams and passions. Though it is a huge jump, that certainly takes some faith after it being the only thing you’ve known over the past four years, it was time. 

Thankful & grateful only scratches the surface of how I feel this year, it truly goes so much deeper than that. After such a rough year last year, I’m so incredibly thankful for many things. I’m blessed to have a beyond amazing husband who is my everything. Grateful for my family who is endlessly loving. I’m thankful for my amazing friends, for peace, good health, happiness, and a warm home. I’m grateful for God’s grace & love, for passion, dreams, freedom, and joy. I’m thankful for our dog lying sleepily in one corner of the house while the beautiful Christmas tree is glowing in the other corner of our home. There are so many more things that are gifts of thanksgiving to me, but these are just a few. 

You see, though I was full of deep gratitude last year, it feels a bit different now. Sometimes after going through so much, you’re just thankful that you & the ones you love made it through, even if there are some battle scars. Like last year? Well, at this point I was thanking the Good Lord that the year was almost over & for bringing us through the majority of the storms. This year, I praise God for the simple things that you didn’t really realize were/are so important, until last year tried to strip some of those things away. We get so excited about Christmas (trust me, I’m so looking forward to it this year) and other things in our lives that we sometimes just let Thanksgiving go by & don’t really stop and examine why & what we are thankful for. I’ve certainly been guilty of that before. 

Even though this may sound funny, something fun we did last year is called The Thankful Pumpkin, we each took a turn passing the pumpkin around and writing something we were/are thankful for on it. We passed it around many times until there was no longer room left to write. We sat it on our front porch as a reminder. My challenge to you today, on Thanksgiving day & all this week, is to stop & count your blessings. That may sound like a line everyone uses, but really just pause and do it! The big & small, the every day, the things that may at first seem dismissive as something to be thankful for. Let us remember that there is always, always, always something to be thankful for, even our very existence. May we never forget that, now or any other time. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Until next time……


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