365 Blank Pages

Hello All and Welcome!

I hope everyone had a joyful, peaceful and blessed holiday season this year! I know we did, even though it seemed like it went by in a hurry. Thanksgiving was simple but was a wonderful and relaxing day. Now for Christmas, we went all out. For us, this year felt more like Christmas than it had in awhile & we savored every minute of it. The joy, laughter, happiness, hope & peace. The family & friends, dancing around the kitchen to Christmas music, gingerbread house building, gift shopping and wrapping, and baking. But most importantly, we remember the whole reason why we celebrate, the birth of Jesus Christ. It just all felt so magical this year. 

Now, as hard as it is to believe, I’m sitting back in our living room again writing a post about the coming new year. Weren’t we just here, like yesterday? At least that’s what it felt like for us this go around. 2021 was much better of a year for us than last and I can’t stop thanking God for that. This year, the Lord brought healing, hope, peace & joy. My word for the year was LIVE & I’m happy to say, we’ve done just that. I do wish that I had gotten to write more this year but, honestly, it was probably for the best. Sometimes, you just need time to regroup.

For some, I know this year for you, was our last year. If that was you, I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am. My prayer for you is that God blesses you in 2022 & makes your cup overflow, and that He makes all the pain you felt and trials you went through this year, dull and fade as if it were never there. I pray that you heal and that you never forget how loved you are. 

Going into 2022, to be completely honest, I feel many mixed emotions. Hope, excitement, eagerness & anticipation. Then the other side feels anxiety and caution. I think part of it is, the last time anyone became too excited about a year, look at how it turned out for most. But, God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love & of a sound mind. So I lean on that. 

With that being said, my word for this coming year is THRIVE. Which, by definition, means to grow and to prosper. You might ask, how is that a word to live by throughout the year? Well, it is my hope to grow even more in my husband and I’s marriage, in my relationship with God, grow as a person & so forth. Prosper in our new careers, in health, happiness and more. 

As we enter into 2022, my challenge to you is to stop and ask yourself what you want your goals/word to be this year, even if it’s plain to some. Neither my husband or myself are big on resolutions, but, we can all set goals to work toward in the new year, and sometimes that’s as simple as one word. Even though none of us know what is to come in the new year, we have 365 days. 365 chances and 365 blank pages to fill. We have hope (Jeremiah 29:11) and that’s all we truly need. 

Happy New Year Everyone & may God bless each one of y’all!

Until next time……


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