Hey Everyone!

It has once again been awhile since posting here on Courage Unchained & I hope everyone is doing well! Things have been busy on our end. Hope everyone is making it through this insane allergy season alright, the pollen this year has been crazy. This year, we’ve found ourselves knee-deep in learning what life looks like without full-time lawn care & landscaping. Talk about an adjustment after 4 seasons of that being all you knew. For my husband, it was around 10 seasons. For me, it’s been learning about life as a real estate agent. 

This year so far has seemed like absolutely nothing has been accomplished, yet, we’re living in fast forward. Each day appears to speed up more than the previous. Though we have achieved more than we think, we feel as though we are running through mud. If you know me, you know that I am one of those people who has to have goals, lists, things I wish to aspire to achieve by different times. Whether that be in a month, a year, or five years. It gives me something to look toward. Honestly, I’ve never been so far into a year and been so far behind where I would like to be. Three steps forward and two back is how my husband & I have both felt most of the five months out of 2022. The enemy has certainly been fighting against us this year. 

Honesty time. I become frustrated, disheartened, and simply put, it makes me start to ask the Lord what the plan is. Why does it feel this way? Why is the enemy fighting so hard? Just, why? Let’s be real, I think that’s a question we’ve all posed to our Creator at one point or another. Through my own feelings, I keep hearing two things. Both from others & from the Lord whispering quiet thoughts into my spirit. One, things don’t happen on our timing but on His. Somedays, the human side gets tired of waiting on His timing and starts to try and make it happen on our own. Though it’s always good to never give up & to always keep putting your best foot forward, that doesn’t mean we can make our goals just start appearing when we want them to. Trust me when I say, I’m completely guilty of this. Second, we’re not fighting simply against flesh and blood but against unseen powers of good vs evil.

Do you think the enemy wants to see you come into everything you hope to aspire to? Do you think the devil wants to see blessings pouring over your life? Nope. But here’s the thing that keeps being presented to me in one way or another, the victory has already been won. Your goals, what you hope to aspire to? You are already within reach!! We are positioned at a place of victory, we are victorious through Christ. God doesn’t tell us that we “might” reach our victory, He tells us that our victories are already ours and that they have already been WON. 

So where does this put our goals and dreams? We wait for the floodgates to open because they WILL open. We just have to wait on God’s timing & hold on to His many promises in our season of waiting. How would our perception change if we fought for our goals, if we fought the battles in our lives from a stance of victory? How bright would the light shine in us if we lived each day already victorious? How would our mindset change if we lived life not looking towards “Well, one day I might get there” but in the spirit of “I am victorious NOW”. 

That doesn’t mean we sit around each day waiting in hopes that things will just suddenly fall into place. That doesn’t mean that we stop striving to do better. That doesn’t mean that we quit putting our best foot forward. It doesn’t mean that the Lord wants you to wait around for it to happen. It simply means, live life in expectation of living a victorious life. It means, don’t be discouraged. It means, having hope and courage. It means, never stop fighting for your dreams & goals. It means, never let what someone else says to you or about you, stop you from living the life God created you to live. It means, live life in victory instead of defeat. 

Until next time…..


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